I Love You No Matter What

On July 21st, Pastor Johnny Cabrera preached on the topic of homosexuality and God. In an honest and generous talk, Pastor Johnny discussed the value of putting love ahead of judgment, as he understands Jesus did in the Bible.

Taking a pointed look at John’s depiction of Jesus and the Adulteress Woman, Johnny reiterated the roles of Christ’s followers: to love first and always, just as He did. We see Jesus’ own process of dealing with the outcast: to shield them, affirm them and implore them to turn towards God. Johnny exhorts us to be the first ones to step up and do the same, especially the first step of protecting those that are under attack.

Johnny concludes his sermon by reading the heartfelt story of Ryan Robertson. Ryan was a young gay, Christian man who was unintentionally taught by his Christian parents to hate his sexuality. And, as his mother states, “since sexuality cannot be separated from the self, we had taught him to hate himself.” His self-hatred lead to drug-addiction. And although Ryan was able to reconcile with his parents and God, he eventually succumbed to drug abuse and died of an overdose. His parents have a powerful message to us all.

In Pastor Johnny’s words, “We need to let people know that God’s not mad at them; He’s madly in love with them.”


Hear Johnny’s Sermon HERE


2 thoughts on “I Love You No Matter What

  1. 30 minutes might seem like a long Youtube video, but I very highly recommend taking the time. I’ve never seen such a personal and honest response to the question of how to reconcile Christianity and homosexuality.

  2. What always seems to be a major issue for people dealing with gay friends, family members, etc is that the love is not there. Sometimes the best words are used but the sincerity is lost. I like this because love conquers all. Let’s just love one another first. If we can’t even do that, the simplest and only thing God wants of us, then how can we focus on all the other things?

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