Saying Our Prayers

JPjuly'12.001Huan-Zung Hsu is a freelance writer and the administrator for the Trinity blog. He could be described as a Christian Agnostic, meaning that he is not convinced that God exists, but chooses to practice Christianity because he believes that humans function better when: 1) we live in community and 2) our actions reflect a value that is greater than our selves.


Me and my kids been trying to say our prayers before bed each night. They’re already in good practice because their mom almost never forgets to tuck ’em in and say some nice words before sending them off to the restless twilight between resentment and resignation.

Their prayers usually follow a tried and true formula of: 1. giving thanks, 2. specific requests, 3. general cares and affections. The boys know the drill. “Thank you, Jesus, for all the great stuff we’ve got going on; please look after auntie so-&-so, make sure she gets better soon; and be good to all our friends and family, whom we love. Amen.”

It’s perfect. No need to elaborate beyond that. But still, I feel the urgency to also take responsibility for my children’s relationship to God, even if I don’t know if there is any such person or thing as “God.” I still believe…

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