Is it OK for Me to Wear a T-Shirt and Shorts to Church?

“Come As you are, As you were, As I want you to be.
As a friend, As a friend, As an old enemy.
Take your time, Hurry up.
The choice is yours, Don’t be late, Take a rest…
Come Dowsed in mud, Soaked in bleach.
As I want you to be, As a trend, As a friend.
As an old memoria… ” – Kurt Cobain

Write a blog on a log, Sam I am

Earlier this week, I read a blog entry called “I Hate Church” and it described an experience a lot of people who don’t go to church go through whenever they first visit a church. Check out their info, they’re pretty awesome.

Does the church actually make it welcoming for outsiders? What if a man in a torn shirt and ripped jeans showed up to the church — would we make him feel welcome? Here’s a bit from the blog that is the inspiration for this blog entry:

“…My wife and I find ourselves deciding to visit some prominent churches in our city, as well as churches that we have preached at in the past. She would wear a mini-skirt, I would wear some baggy jeans with a hat put on backwards, with big diamond earrings in my ears, and we would pretend like we didn’t know much…

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