“LINSANITY! The Movie” Premieres Today

On February 4th of 2012, the most compelling basketball storyline of the decade exploded onto the scene as Jeremy Lin took the court against the New Jersey Nets. His 25 points against All-Star point guard Deron Williams propelled Lin (and his exponentially growing fans) on a journey that would take him to epic heights and drop him back down to earth with a thud.

JLin and Tim Tebow at the ESPYS (with Jessica Biel)

JLin and Tim Tebow at the ESPYS (with Jessica Biel)

Along the way, Lin earned the love of many and the distaste of others, [1] Becoming the basketball version of Tim Tebow, Lin is deeply polarizing. His fans defend his every move and insist that he is one of the NBA’s best players. Chalking up his deficiencies to racism, bad coaching and uncooperative teammates. Meanwhile, Lin’s detractors insist that his fame and fortune are not on par with his  on-court performance.

And then there’s the issue of religion.

Jeremy Lin, like Tim Tebow, is a vocal Born-Again Christian. He frequently references his faith in interviews and makes appearances at Christian events (most recently Identity Unleashed with Francis Chan). Many of Lin’s fans support him as something of a sports messiah, proving that an evangelist can be a mainstream star. And again his detractors show their distaste, noting what they see as Lin’s prosthelytizing.

Meanwhile, Jeremy continues to play basketball, now for the Houston Rockets. Unlike Tim Tebow, he has shown at least average professional ability. Though his salary may overshadow his performance, no one can say that Lin doesn’t belong in the NBA. After skyrocketing into fame and achievement, Jeremy has fallen far from his initial heights and is now slowly improving his game into something consistent and sustainable. A rocky journey that many of us can relate to. And that is perfect for a Hollywood movie.

Linsanity, the movie, premieres today in select theaters across the US. [2] From early reviews, the documentary competently describes Jeremy’s journey from nerdy Chinese American kid to NBA star. By now, most of America’s basketball fans have heard the story. Lin overcame obstacle after obstacle, rejection after rejection (he was not offered any Division I scholarships, nor was he drafted by any of the 30 NBA teams). But through hard work, dedication and unwavering faith in God, he has continued to make a place for himself in world of professional basketball.


photo cred: RT

photo cred: RT

[1] JLin Speak 101: LOF=”Lin Only Fan,” fans who do not care about Lin’s team (or even basketball) but support Jeremy no matter what. LOH=”Lin Only Hater,” those who will take every opportunity to point out Lin’s failures, deficiencies and missteps.

[2] Linsanity premieres today nationwide. In the Los Angeles area, the movie will be showing at the AMC Atlantic Times Square, Monterey Park. Get your tickets HERE, The movie has received praise from the majority of early reviews, sporting a 63% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

By the way, don’t miss this AWESOME video of Jeremy Lin’s dad teaching him how to be a better basketball player:


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