Family Promise is Dangerous

Johnny Cabrera: Pastor Johnny is a Mexican-American guy, married to a Korean woman, with Korexican kids. Loves Jesus. Committed to youth and community engagement. Writes and plays music. Follows sports. Misses acting. Appreciates feedback. He’s also the Youth and Outreach Pastor at Trinity Church. Check out his blog

Catterfly Still Processing

“Oh photoand by the way,” I had to tell her. “Tonight the youth group is going to be serving you dinner.” I could tell it didn’t really matter to this single mother of three, who was probably just happy to have a place to stay, and to at least have someone providing dinner. But I had to tell her anyway. It meant more to me than anyone else.

See, my job at Trinity Church is two-fold. I am pastor of youth and pastor of outreach. For the one I work alongside parents and leaders to disciple students in their journeys of faith, and for the other I seek out opportunities for the church to impact our community, and mobilize them to do so. (Add in the occasional worship leader role, and I have somewhat become the triple threat I always wished I could be in my days of doing theater.)…

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