Act Like Men: What Stuck with Me

This post is part of a series of reflections written by the men of Trinity Church in response to the ACT LIKE MEN Conference and the topic of Mens Issues within Christianity. 

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Catterfly Still Processing

This past weekend I attended the second day of the Act Like Men Conference, a large traveling event that made its So Cal stop in Long Beach, CA. Before I get to my real takeaways, here are some of my initial musings.  (Please read the following few thoughts with sarcasm.)

man-yelling-at-himselfApparently, men respond well to being yelled at.

Men like to insult, boo, and laugh at each other.

You must introduce each speaker at a men’s conference with no less than his name in big letters, and in the background steel being sharpened and sparks flying.

And finally…if you want to have a legit contemporary worship band, you need to have at least one guy with a British accent.

To be serious for just a few moments, I intended to wait a couple of days before sharing my thoughts, because I figured anything I can still recall two days later…

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6 thoughts on “Act Like Men: What Stuck with Me

  1. Hey, JCIII, Thanks for your always honest reflections. Appreciate you bringing your life’s struggles into the context of the conference.

    There’s a funny relationship men have with anger. In many ways we glorify it. We see it in popular culture in music and movies. And we see it making a comeback in our church culture: urging men to be assertive, aggressive and, in some ways, violent. It’s a backlash, I guess, to the “wimpification” of Christianity. I’ll be curious to see how Christian men reclaim these traits while still trying to follow Jesus.

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