Act Like Men: Building Links in the Family Chain

Over a hundred men committed to Jesus during an alter call on the first night of Act Like Men.
(Photo by @BrandonHilstad on Twitter)


By Michael Au

This Act Like Men conference gave me great hope and faith.

I really liked Matt Chandler’s message on “Standing Firm in the Faith” and Mark Driscoll’s message on, “Be Strong.” Connecting both messages revealed to me that standing firm in the faith is essential if I am to leave a godly lineage (my future children, grandchildren and so on).

In the Bible, there were many men listed in the genealogies but very little is said about them.

One of the main reasons is because they did nothing significant and pleasing in God’s eyes (Gen 11:10-32). However there are many chapters about Abraham because he was a man of faith. He even has the most verses in the hall of faith chapter! Faith is also a gift from God too (Eph 2:8-9) so it’s nothing to boast about but without strong faith the more likely an ungodly lineage will arise.

One truth that I was reminded about faith is to view God as my judge who declares me righteous because of Jesus blood, as my Father who loves me with a Father’s heart, and as my Sanctifier who empowers me to become more and more like His Son Jesus. With these three balanced views of God, faith will enable me to stand firm in the midst of trials and temptations.

This conference reminded me that it’s very possible to leave a godly lineage. I sometimes wonder how will my future generations will be like. Yet I know by having faith and having a right view of God, His will is much more likely to come about in my lineage.

I encourage all men out there to know that it’s important to really pursue and have faith in God in order to bring God more to your lineage. Passivity doesn’t cut it. Active faith and doing God’s Word is key for the power of God to flow from you to impact your lineage.

Let’s be men of faith who understand, live, and share about the God of the Bible.


Michael attended the Act Like Men conference this past weekend with 13 other men from Trinity Church. In this post he reflects back on a message that really stuck out to him.

This post is part of a series of reflections written by the men of Trinity Church in response to the ACT LIKE MEN Conference and the topic of Mens Issues within Christianity.

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6 thoughts on “Act Like Men: Building Links in the Family Chain

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  5. Thanks for the reminder of the value of lineage. Reminds me of an atheist speaker I once heard who proclaimed that the “afterlife” is a reality for almost everyone. He meant that (nearly) all people believe that, after they die, life will go on. And this is especially heightened when you recognize that your love, hope and DNA will go on in your kids. For me, that’s more than enough to convince me to live a life worth living.

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