Understanding people who are misunderstood because they’re so different and just like me

This is part one of a five part reblog series taken from Samuel Lam’s “Write a Blog on a Log” dealing with questions of faith and fear, inclusion and exclusion. Sam has an unusually nuanced and fair approach to issues like homosexuality, bullies, salvation, and fundamentalism. This first post was written shortly after the 2013 Rose Parade and features Sam’s thoughts on the “Jesus Scare Freaks.”

Write a blog on a log, Sam I am

Growing up, we disliked bullies. But if we understood what they were going through, would we view them differently?

Yesterday I was at the Rose Bowl Parade and I started to observe the people there. I tend to do that a lot when I am around a lot of people. It’s not something I do to judge, but rather this is my opportunity to see how the world of different people and how they interact with each.

Also, I like to observe people because a part of me has always had the heart for people who are misunderstood. The thing about it is that as I grew up, mainly during my college years, I interacted with a lot of different people. Part of my upbringing at that time as a college ministry leader was to understand that there are ways to reach out to people. How could I reach to…

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2 thoughts on “Understanding people who are misunderstood because they’re so different and just like me

  1. I really appreciate how fair you’ re being, even towards people who would be (way too) easy to pick on. I aspire to the same thing, but have to admit that I often give in to the temptation to judge too harshly. Your post reminded me that almost every villain, at some point, started out trying to do good. (see Magneto)

    • Many times I always feel that it’s easy to judge by me also. But every now and then I have to remember that I can’t judge anyone unless I walk a mile in their shoes — and even then, it’s not enough. It makes me realize that we’re not all that different, we just do things differently.

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