Marriage Isn’t For Two

Jeff is in a young man in his 20′s, living on the west coast of the U.S, just trying to experience life to the fullest while attempting to help others along the way. He offers up some advice on getting through your 20′s alive, passes around some hope while doing so, and throws in a few “life hacks” here and there which will, he’s sure, be entertaining to us all. Everything from finances, to family, to spirituality; you suggest it, he’ll blog about it. Check out his blog at:


MarriageI’m scared of marriage. Chances are, if you are reading this, you are too. (or you just like reading about what makes people scared)

Now, there are plenty of articles and blog posts out there that explain why young men these days are afraid of commitment, marriage, saying ‘I Do’, etc. From wanting to establish a financial foothold in society first, to not wanting the added pressure of having children, to there not being any real advantages of getting married in the first place due to cohabitation.

None of these apply to me.

Now before you go calling me a self-loving, hippie that doesn’t want to be wealthy or have kids, let me tell you why I am scared of marriage.

What I am truly scared of, is losing my identity.

The Back Story

I know a lot of couples, married and unmarried, who really love each other. They’d catch…

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