Suspension of Disbelief


Human beings have an unusual capacity to rationalize our behavior. There are the dramatic examples of facsist collaborators, violent abusers or Wall St swindlers. But there are relatively prosaic examples too. Me, for instance, a Christian that doesn’t believe in God.

I don’t believe in God, but I participate in church. And not just as a silent pew sitter, but actively, vocally and in leaderly ways. At the Farm, I do everything that everyone else does, because that is the work ethic of that community. At Trinity, I lead worship and run our blog. I am (at times) literally the voice of the church.

But yet, I am not a believer.

This brews up significant questions for the church. Questions around how much non-believers can be allowed to participate? What roles are only for people who abide by the Statement of Faith?

These questions concern me too…

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