Bored of God

By Michael Au

When you first came to know God you may have been really engaged to know more about the Bible, Jesus, some of the characters in the Bible, and many aspects of Christianity. However as time goes on your engagement with God may have waned.

Not like you don’t follow God but rather you don’t seem to find God too interesting.

SmileyFacesBoredBasically bored of God.

Your walk with God will be boring at times but does that mean it has to remain that way? Does God have to be fascinating just when you first came to know Him or can your current relationship with Him be filled with much more excitement?

The lie we may entertain at times is, “God is boring.” Yet the reality is, “God can be exciting.”

King David knew God’s right hand was full of eternal pleasures (Ps 16:11). On one occasion he expressed celebration to Him by “dancing before the Lord” (2Sam 6:14-15). God even says enjoyment should come from enjoying the food and drink we eat from our labor – “it is a gift from God” (Ecc 3:13).

Clearly God can be a delight to be with yet there are factors that can hinder our enjoyment with God. Today I’ll share one common hindrance that makes us bored of God – same routines with Him.

A routine is defined as a usual pattern of activity. I have routines for when I exercise, cook, and my quiet times with God. These routines are good because I’m doing something that is beneficial to my life. Though sometimes I can let its repetitiveness get to me thereby making the activity boring. Yes, I can change my attitude and think of all the benefits that this has for me, thereby making the routine more interesting, yet one helpful thing I can do to enhance my enjoyment is bringing more variety to my routines.

Like for exercise, I can do different exercises. For cooking, I can add new ingredients to a common dish I make. As for my relationship with God, I can find different ways to draw closer with Him.

variety food

What can you do to bring more variety to your relationship with God?

Here are a few ideas that you may use to help raise your engagement to God.

  1. Various Activities for my Quiet Times: Quiet times are helpful to know God more. By adding variety to your times with Him you can help yourself engage more with Him. Quiet times don’t just have to be prayer. Consider adding others activities such as visualizing you’re with Him, meditating deeply on a verse, discovering answers to God questions you don’t know about, listening to worship music, reading passages in the Bible you haven’t really understood well, or writing a letter to Him.
  2. Focus on Other Aspects of God: When I first came to know God I mainly focused on God’s joy. However God is much more than that and I’ve focused on different attributes on my life in different seasons of my life. God has many facets of Himself that He wants to show you: His grace, power, comfort, hope, security, and wisdom to name just a few.
  3. Be Fed through Different Messages:  There are so many resources out there that can help you to know God more. You do not need to listen only to one sermon a week from your church. Have a few resources and pastors you can listen to. If over time one of the resources loses your interest, you can always find another one.

Just because your time with God can be boring at times it doesn’t have to remain that way. You can do something about the boredom. God has much more He wants you to experience with Him.


Michael Au is the Captain of Trinity Church’s Prayer Team. We have several prayer groups that meet throughout the week in various locations. Please contact the church office for the latest meeting times.

If you would like our prayer partners to pray for you, please email us at


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