MC Jin drops new EP calling Christians to stop being ‘Hypocrites’

By Samuel Lam


Rapper MC Jin just dropped his latest EP called “Hypocrite.” Jin’s decision to call the EP “Hypocrite” is his message to Christians to not be hypocrites with their faith. He wants them to not say one thing about their faith but do something that doesn’t match their words. In a sense, to practice what we preach.

For Jin, his journey has been a very rocky one but it has come full circle. I’ve been a fan of his music since he made his debut over 10 years ago with Ruff Ryders. I’ve even seen him perform live. He’s good. But it appeared as if he was an unfair token gimmick for the rap group. As a Chinese-American rapper, he had to fight his way to prove that his skills were worthy for radio airwaves.

At the time, I was just proud that a Chinese person made it in the music business for their skills. But I knew that he had a tough road ahead of him if he was to ever be mainstream. He had the skills, but was there for room in the rap game for a Chinese-American? Apparently the public said there wasn’t.

But then his life changed and his music changed with it. And I am so glad he did.

Since then, Jin has rediscovered his faith in God and his music now reflects that beautifully. For the past several years, he’s been dropping music that’s different than what he has done in the past. Most of his tracks talk about his journey in faith. He says it isn’t “gospel music,” rather it’s “change your life music.” It’s perfect.

His newest EP reflects it wonderfully. He covers topics such as struggles in maintaining faith, persecution, rebirth and temptations.

Here’s a line from the first single off the EP:

Let me tell you how this all came to be
I was sittin diggin in the word Matthew 23
I’m thinking this is it, finally victory
Then the Holy Spirit hit quick convicted me
Could it be its just all hypocrisy
I’m a modern day pharisee quite possibly
Tell me what’s the use if I know the law
But the true living God I never knew at all

It’s a powerful and true verse. How do our actions truly reflect God? Are we really in tune with God at all?

I just listened through this EP (and have it on repeat) and it’s really good. And more importantly, being a fan of Jin for so long, I am so happy to see how he’s transformed into this amazing man of God using his lyrical skills to tell us about how his life’s changed. It’s a true example of how awesome God is.

Reading through his Twitter timeline, it looks like it’s been receiving positive reviews. And Jin takes time to respond to all those who tweet at him.

Give this EP a listen. It’s inspiring to me. Maybe it will inspire you, too.

For more information on the EP and links to download, click this link. You can listen to the entire EP below.


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