On Underwear, Justin Beiber, and Being Yourself

 by Johnny Cabrera III

“The most powerful person is the one who is being himself.” – T. M. (An old acquaintance I saw the other day for the first time in several years, completely out of the blue.)

I was recently commended for being someone who doesn’t pretend to be someone I am not.  I’d like to think that’s true, especially even if it paints me in a less than perfect light, but I can think of dozens of times I have at least tried out being someone I am not.  I must concede, it just doesn’t feel right.  Like the one time in high school I tried to walk up to a girl at the mall and simply ask for her number.  Couldn’t do it.  It just wasn’t me.


I have been through phases in my life where I tried to dress a certain way to please friends or fit a style, but I always eventually come back to being most comfortable in jeans and a sweatshirt.  I once tried to dress like an older friend of  mine, who liked to wear a baseball cap hooked onto her belt buckle.  I know, ridiculous right?  And I got a hat that looked like the one she had, but mine had a big “X” on it, but I didn’t know it stood for Malcolm X.  People looked at me weird for being a goofy kid walking around wearing that hat, but I just thought it looked cool.  But clothes are superficial; they are only a shadow of the real person someone is.

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Headshot - Johnny Cabrera

Johnny Cabrera: Pastor Johnny is a Mexican-American guy, married to a Korean woman, with Korexican kids. Loves Jesus. Committed to youth and community engagement. Writes and plays music. Follows sports. Misses acting. Appreciates feedback. He’s also the Youth and Outreach Pastor at Trinity Church. Check out his blog at:catterflystillprocessing.wordpress.com


2 thoughts on “On Underwear, Justin Beiber, and Being Yourself

  1. I like what you said, “I dare anyone to say Jesus was not fully being himself.”

    I think what is powerful about Jesus being himself is that he “seeks not his own will, but the father’s” (John 5) and later, on the cross, proclaims “not my will but thine be done” (Luke 22).

    It’s awesome to see the juxtaposition of independence+authenticity with sacrifice+obedience.

    Kinda a conundrum for me. I have a hard time holding on to the idea that I can defer my will to someone/something else while still maintaining my integrity.

    It’s a lesson in humility, that sometimes to be truly yourself means to follow someone else.

    • You know, I thought about that juxtaposition as I was writing, and I almost didn’t write those lines about Jesus being himself. But he undeniably was. It’s a conundrum for me too: how God could make me more myself than I could, how I have to lose my life in His in order to find my life again. I’m sure it’s not going to work to follow just anyone, but following one who I believe knows what I am meant to be, at my deepest core, has to lead to me finding my true identity. But…as you know, I’m still processing.

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