Sochi Problems? Count Your Blessings!

By Cindy Cameron

Sochi Medal

2014 marks the year of the Winter Olympics. I love the Olympics, although I must admit I love the summer games a bit more than the winter games. I mostly attribute this to growing up in Southern California. But the athlete’s stories of hard work, perseverance, and triumph are inspiring and goosebump worthy.

Yellow Water

As of today, the games are going into their second week. People have won medals, and I’m sure stories of overcoming adversity and injury could be flowing from reporter’s notepads. But half or more of the stories I’ve read or heard from the Olympics are about the poor conditions in Sochi or about Bob Costas’ eyes. Yes, he has pink eye. Ok, it’s gross, we get it. Yes, the water came out yellow. Don’t drink it!

Bob Costas

Oops, did someone forget to mention to you that parts of Russia are still considered third world?

Minions water

We are so blessed, even when traveling to a foreign country and seeing their conditions, the reaction was to complain and report home about it. Guess what, when the Olympics are over and done with, the water in Sochi is probably still going to be yellow. That’s what the Russian people have to live with, not just for 16 days, but until the problem is fixed. When I lived in Russia for a month one summer, the water was clear and looked clean but it wasn’t safe to drink straight out of the faucet. In California, a drought was recently declared here. Yet we still have water, and honestly, how many of us have changed our habits? Water still comes out cleanly from the faucet. Blessed.

This water problem is not just in Russia. Children in Africa have to travel miles away from the home to get clean water. They go without their parents, and the path they travel is filled with predators, danger, and unimaginable things. This is why some awesome people from Trinity Church and many others through World Vision run for clean water every year. If you want to help support Team Trinity, you can do so Here:


Now please excuse me while I go count my blessings… and of course, go USA!



Cindy Cameron is the coordinator for Trinity’s House Church, The Fellowship. The Fellowship is Trinity’s alternative spiritual community focused on making deep connections and enjoying each other’s talents and company. We meet in our homes, where we build camaraderie around singing, sharing, prayer and food. Join us on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month.

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2 thoughts on “Sochi Problems? Count Your Blessings!

  1. As much as I laughed about a lot of these problems, I agree that some of these are serious. It’s surprising that with billions of dollars to prepare for the Olympics that these issues occur. Is it mismanagement of funds (which is really bad) or is it a bigger problem that we just haven’t realized? If it’s the latter, then the Olympics is showing us the real problem around the world people don’t know about and choose to ignore.

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