Meet Trinity’s Hype Man, Jeff Cao

From November 15, 2013

This is the third installment of Trinity’s “Meet the Church” Facebook series. In this edition, we want to introduce you to Jeff Cao, our administrative assistant and tremendous supporter of all our various ministries in the church. Like a true hype man, he’s always excited to talk about the great things that we’re doing for our community and he’s dedicated to seeing God’s word spread to all people everywhere. 

Jeff is a very sharp-dressed fella.

Jeff is a very sharp-dressed fella.

Hey all! My name is Jeffrey Cao and I am the administrative assistant here at Trinity. What exactly do I do? It’s kind of hard to explain. One of the things I do is support our ministries and volunteer with our youth at the church. Whether it’s with set up, prep work, even getting all our bulletins and programs printed out, I’m the guy they go to. Plus, every now and then there’s some IT needs and I lend a hand. I am a kind of a “hands-on” person, if you will.

Read more of Jeff’s bio here at Trinity’s Facebook page.


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