praying squirel

Every group uses jargon, words that people in the group understand but people outside the group don’t.

Prayer [1] is, of course, no exception. We use phrases like, “hedge of protection” to describe when we’re worried about someone and we hope nothing bad happens to them. And we say “burdens” to refer to important things things that we can’t stop thinking about, or “fellowship” to mean hanging out with other Christians, or “testimony” to mean the story of why we converted to Christianity.

I’m not saying this is wrong. Actually, it’s normal. People in any group develop their own language. Professionals do it. Families do it. Jargon, at it’s best, makes communicating faster and easier. And it also makes us feel closer to the people that share our jargon, like we’re all in the same club.

But, the downside is that people on the outside don’t really understand it.

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JPjuly'12.001Juan Zung is a secular Christian, practicing Christianity but remaining atheistic in his beliefs. If this seems completely contradictory, welcome to his world! He writes freelance copy “for a living” and he blogs at Ghozt Writer. His posts on Christianity are found HERE.


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