Smells Like Pizza

Posted on March 28, 2014 by Johnny Cabrera at Catterfly Still Processing.


It never fails: pizza draws attention like few things I’ve ever seen.


Every week, when I go onto our local public high schools to meet with the on-campus Christian clubs, I bring pizza with me. It comes out of our church’s Local Impact budget, used as a way to bless the students and teachers, and to help students get to club quickly without having to stand in line for lunch. It’s a way to show our local schools that Trinity Church cares about them, and even those not part of the club–like administration, security guards, and other teachers, for example–have taken notice. And the sponsor teachers love it because they can use the leftovers as rewards for their good students.

Because let’s face it. There aren’t many teens who don’t like pizza. I can’t even count how many wide-eyed, open-mouthed stares I’ve received while carrying those Little Caesar’s boxes through the campuses. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked to “hook it up.” And the reaction always starts the same: “Awww, pizza!” Hardened, tough, too-cool-for-school guys: “Awww, pizza!” Popular girls busy reapplying their makeup: “Awww, pizza!” The couple making out in the hall before class: “Awww, pizza.” Even parents, as they’re taking their sick kid home: “Awww, pizza!”

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Even The Worst of Us: Reflections on Christine Hung’s Sermon “Better Not Bitter”

There’s a question, a powerful question, that I’ve had to ask myself: If I could undo the bad things that have happened to me, would I?

The answer should be easy. It should be, yeah, for sure. Getting rid of as much bad stuff as you can is so logical, so pure in its obviousness. Who wouldn’t erase their pain if they could?

Reminds me of a movie:

"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" by Skah-Fee Studios

“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” by Skah-Fee Studios

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Sometimes, it’s OK if they’re wrong in the argument

By Samuel Lam

One of the challenges I have always had when it comes to my faith is explaining it to other people. It’s not that bad when I am talking with someone who is open to learning and understanding my faith journey. The tough part is when I get into a discussion with someone who has a firm stance that doesn’t match my views.

It happens all the time when it comes to faith. We try to convince other people that our God is the almighty creator and that what they believe is wrong. Of course, we don’t say it that way. We have to carefully choose our words because we don’t want to portray God or Christians in a negative light. But of course, sometimes our emotions get to us and we refuse to accept that whomever we’re talking with is wrong.

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Wrestling With “Good vs. Evil”

By Samuel Lam

This blog post was inspired by wrestling. Yes, since the WWE Network launched two weeks ago, I have not stopped watching great wrestling clips. One of the classic matches came several years ago during Wrestlemania (wrestling’s Super Bowl, if you will) and there was this one matchup between Shawn Michaels (a born-again Christian) against the Undertaker (the deadman of the underworld). The storyline and buildup was phenomenal and their entrances inspired me to write this.

Watch the above video for the amazing promo (and entire match) or if you like, you can skip ahead to the entrances at the 4:12 mark or click here


In wrestling, what attracts audiences for so many years (aside from the great physical aspect) is the storyline. There’s always a battle between a fan favorite versus a villain. And it’s always the good vs evil rivalry and storyline that continues to grab my attention. And in a way, it seems like that our life is like a wrestling storyline.

Our goal is to reach the top (be champion) but every now and then, there is someone in our way to stop us. The same can be said about our faith as we reach towards God but encounter road blocks.

The bad guy will prevent us from reaching our goal or they try to stop us from following the right path. The bad guy wants to rule over us. They challenge us, fight us, and do everything they can to make us fall off. Our idea of what is right and what is wrong is challenged.

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How to Help Hurting People: Lessons From a Decade of Pastoral Ministry

By Albert Hung

Not a week goes by without a friend sharing some kind of personal struggle with me. Some are struggling with terminal illnesses. Others are going through painful divorces. Some are battling demons from their past. Others are facing them in the present. Stories of betrayal, abuse, failed relationships, deep-seated anger, identity crisis – over my ten years in pastoral ministry, I’ve been entrusted with many secrets.

I’ve learned two things about pain:

  1. Everybody hurts.
  2. Christians are notoriously bad at helping hurting people.
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Coffee Houses and Churches

By Johnny Cabrera

1230013_824326624251306_1025499660_nThis past Sunday, television and social media were all abuzz with news of award winners, best and worst dressed, and John Travolta’s inability to pronounce people’s names. And I was in a small coffee shop with my friends, putting on a show. In the middle of our busy lives, we came together, rehearsed, got all sweaty setting up, to bring music to a street corner in Montebello. And what did we have to show for it? Besides the packed out venue, full of people listening to the very end? We raised over $350 for clean water projects in Africa. That’s 7 people who have clean water for life. And that’s truly awesome.

But that’s not even what I’m most excited about. No, even more than the numbers of people or of money, I was completely thrilled to see the Church–Christ’s body in action–happening in that place.

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5 Tips to Help You (and Your Kids) Survive Daylight Savings Time

By Jeff Cao

Daylight Savings is coming up this Sunday, and if you’re like me you struggle to get all the restful sleep humanly possible. Losing an hour of sleep doesn’t make it any easier.  If it’s hard for you, imagine what it would be like for your kids! You know what a change in schedule can do to their routines. Lets face it, losing an hour of sleep isn’t something most people choose to sign up for. (Learn more about Daylight Savings Time)

sleeping baby

Here are are five simple tips that might help you and your family survive the switch to daylight savings time this Sunday.

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Meet Jim Whelpley: Trinity’s Big Hearted Equipment Guru

This is our sixth installment of “Meet the Church” and this month we want to introduce you to Jim Whelpley. Jim has been coming to Trinity for over 30 years after spending time overseas in service. Jim continues to travel overseas to help hospitals with their equipment for heart operations on children. He continues and loves to serve and this is his story. 

Jim is always full of funny jokes and a big smile.

Jim is always full of funny jokes and a big smile.

Jim Whelpley has been part of the Trinity Church family for over 30 years and continues to lend out a helping hand with the church’s technical team. With his experience as a medical equipment engineer and dealing with machines, some may not know that his expertise goes beyond the church. In fact, he lends his knowledge and experience to different places around the world.

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10 Alternative Christian Movies


Are you ready for some hyper-earnest biblical renditions? Russell Crowe packing the world’s most complete zoo on a boat. Diogo Morgado squinting his dreamy eyes of Christ, oozing with compassion and loving kindness. Yep. No shortage of that kind of Christian movie.

But, what about a Christian film for the restavus? Something a little less uber-preachy and painfully-predicatable. An alternative Christian movie. [1]

1. The Apostle (1997)

Robert Duvall as a Holy Ghost powered preaching and killing machine. Serious. Not a campy horror movie, but an earnest portrayal of deeply flawed man and his enduring heart for God. Sound familiar?

2.. Higher Ground (2011)


Finding and losing and then maybe finding your faith again can be a journey akin to Ulysses’ voyage home. Vera Farmiga’s directorial debut is heartfelt and sexy in ways that, I’m guessing, a lot of true believers can relate to.

3. The Last Temptation of Christ…

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