Why I Like Easter Eggs

Yesterday was Easter, and Trinity Church members came together early in the morning to try something that we hadn’t done before: We took over a corner of George E. Elder Park and held a Community Egg Hunt. For staff members and volunteers alike, it was a busy morning, but oh so fulfilling to watch kids and parents thoroughly enjoy themselves. I mean, almost any kid would love playing with bubbles and hunting for eggs filled with candy, but even the grownups got excited to see both the fire and police department there to join in the fun.  Then, gathering back together at Trinity Church for our worship celebration was the perfect way to direct our attention to the reason for the special day: Jesus is alive.


Let the egg hunt BEGIN!

After the dust settled and I was able to collect my thoughts, a few different things came to mind. First, I was thankful. I was thankful for the friends at Trinity who spent their morning helping to make this event happen. None of it would have happened without them. Second, I was humbled. Though putting together the Community Egg Hunt was no small task for the staff members, I can genuinely say for myself that all the effort I gave was the least I could do, for Jesus who gave all of himself.

Thirdly, though, I was mindful. I was mindful that not everyone yesterday was celebrating Easter the way we at Trinity celebrated. In fact, not even all Christians believe that what we did was good. To adopt what is to many a pagan ritual, such as an egg hunt, is offensive to some Christians. Now, as a Christian, I don’t worship any pagan god or any other god. However, I can see why it would seem strange and even wrong to some Christians and non-Christians alike to participate in something adopted from another religion. I’m not going to get into the history of Easter and Christianity here. For more on that, check out this helpful history lesson.


There is a story that holds a lot of meaning to me, which illustrates why I support Easter eggs. A number of years back, there was a young girl who was on the playground with her friends. A nice lady approached them and invited them to a place the girl had never heard of, a place called church. This place called church also came with the promise of hard boiled eggs, which the little girl loved, so she followed this nice lady to church. At this point in the story, things could either get creepy or touching. For the little girl, her life was changed forever and for the best, on that day which also happened to be Easter Sunday.

That little girl went on to pray fervently for her own family, to become a masterful pianist, to travel the world sharing her music and expanding her worldview, to impact the lives of people she encountered everywhere she went, to blossom into a woman of integrity and strength. That woman became my wife and the mother of our two kids, and my life would never be the same were it not for that woman.

This may seem like a drastically subjective reason to support things like Easter eggs, but to me it also symbolizes something bigger than just my wife and her story. It symbolizes God’s power working through one simple act of kindness, one invitation, one meaningful conversation, one free gift. We never know what it will be that gets that friend to church, or even better yet to open up to God and abundant life. If something as simple–though controversial–as an egg can open doors we can’t even imagine, why hold it back? Why fight it?

Happy Easter Monday to all.


2 thoughts on “Why I Like Easter Eggs

  1. Aww. Love that story about your wife!

    Also, I personally like that Easter/Resurrection Sunday is so closely related to a pagan holiday. To me, it shows how big God is, way bigger than one version of death and rebirth, and found in all places, in the biblical story, in pagan holidays and in nature itself. Cuz even if we refuse to worship, the stones themselves will cry out.

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