When you don’t have it all, trust in the Lord

By Samuel Lam

Trust in the Lord always.

We weren’t born into this world trusting God. We didn’t know God until one day we went to church, or a friend told us about God or we saw a miracle. But that happened later in our lives. But since day one, we had to trust ourselves and our parents. But as we continue on in life, we relied less on our parents and more of ourselves.

Thinking about myself, it’s a lot on me that I have to do things. I have to pay my own rent. I have to pay off my car. I need to work hard at my job. I need to do my laundry. I need to buy my food. I have to do everything. And I am the only person I trust with all those responsibilities.

As much as it’s good to believe in yourself to handle all this, there are times when you’re out of control. In fact, this may happen a lot more than you know. And when something happens that you have no control over, that’s when it’s time to turn to God.

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Life’s Good

By Samuel Lam

The perfect slogan.

LG Electronics Inc. years ago adopted the backronym slogan “Life’s Good” and I’ve actually been a fan of it. It’s a simple slogan and it’s memorable. Everytime I see their commercial with their smiley face logo, that slogan pops into my mind. It really sticks to me.

Life is good.

It’s a hard concept to grasp at times. After all, there is a bunch of things that happen in life that aren’t good. Job losses, broken relationships, car accidents, bills to pay and food to buy. There are so many other things that happen that make you think that life isn’t good. We worry and we stress out about it. Can we not have these bad things happen to us?

Jesus reminded us about these tough times and told us about the good things in life.

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How do you know Jesus? Tell me about Him

By Samuel Lam

In the movie “End of the Spear,” missionaries try to convert natives and tell them about Jesus. It was tough because not only was there a language and cultural barrier, but one of the main characters is the son of a missionary that was murdered by one of the natives in the tribe. Struggling to separate his vengeance and forgiveness, it ended up being a great powerful plot to a movie based on a true story.

(I am trying to paraphrase and remember this movie since I saw it when it was released almost 10 years ago.)

During the movie, the missionaries tried to explain Jesus to the tribe. The story of Jesus, however, had no meaning to these natives since they had their own beliefs. It was a tough situation because everything they did to try to explain about Jesus didn’t get through. Then, the missionaries took time to understand the natives and their traditions and learned that the tribe was at war with another group. It was a war where many people died and many were sacrificed.

The missionaries then decided to explain Jesus to them in a different way: Their God saw the war between the two tribes and did not want anymore bloodshed. Their God wanted peace. God decided to send down a child to earth, who would be the ultimate sacrifice. This child would carry all the burdens of the war. His death would bring peace between the two tribes.

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Look All Around: A Response

Pastor Johnny wonders about technology and social media: Do we take a step back and not get so caught up in it? Or do we embrace the many connections we have in it? The Bible gives us an approach that is neither, but so enriching to our lives.

Catterfly Still Processing

Ironically enough, there is a new YouTube viral video decrying technology (particularly mobile devices), by Gary Turk. It’s called “Look Up.” He speaks with conviction and depth; he really believes what he’s saying, and he makes some great points. His purpose is simple: don’t be so caught up with your technology that you miss the meaningful moments in life.

maxresdefault Click the photo to watch the video.

Of course, there had to be response videos and blog posts. I was disappointed, but not surprised in the least, that most of them were crude or mean. One blog response basically boiled down to, “Just do whatever you want. It’s your life and it’s your choice.” Not very helpful and pretty self-centered.

Probably the best and most thoughtful one was the aptly but unoriginally named “Look Down.”  This video blogger’s counterpoint was that our technology actually allows us to make meaningful connections and…

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