A Not-So-Happy Father’s Day

By John K. Lee

When I woke up this morning, it felt much like any other Sunday. As usual, my oldest boy woke me up at the butt-crack of dawn. Together we strolled downstairs and I prepared him his favorite oatmeal. For the next few hours we ran around the house goofing around until it was time to get ready for church. Next, the wife and I went through the mad dash of packing diaper bags, getting toddler and baby dressed, then shoving them into the car so I could make Sunday Morning Men’s Group. During that hour before worship service, the brothers and I had a very lively conversation that started with the topic of confidence and ended with us tossing friendly jabs at one of the fellas from that unfortunate part of California some refer to as ‘The Yay Area’. Following Sunday School, it was off to do some praise and hear God’s Word being preached. Same old, same old, right? Not quite.

The sermon this Sunday was preached by John Huddle. John happens to be pastor at Westchester Church of the Nazarene and he also works with World Vision. During the sermon, he shared the challenging story of how his dedication to the supremacy of holy scripture forced him to make a hard decision that some feel alienates a segment of the population that he has immense compassion for – homosexuals. In essence, the conflict came about when World Vision officially announced that it would allow the employment of individuals who are in same-sex unions. Shortly after, and because of the leanings of men like John Huddle, this decision was overturned and World Vision returned to its original stance on purity/abstinence for all single employees. While the decision has been lauded by more conservative evangelicals, those who lean more liberal in their theology have expressed disappointment and have formally severed ties with the decades old charity.

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This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine

By Samuel Lam

You all know this song. You probably have either heard it or sang it in the past. It’s a catchy song. The message is good. When we got a light in Jesus, don’t hide it. Let it shine.

I always understood what the song was about but I never really thought about it. I just went along with my life just understanding that I had to not hide who I am in Christ. During my devotionals yesterday morning, the topic covered these instructions.

I had never really put deep thought into the song, let alone what ways I can do to let my light shine. But after reading it (and the corresponding scripture), it made me realize how important it is to let it shine.

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