Next Gen Youth Group Goes to Mexico!


Azusa Pacific University’s Mexico Outreach 2014 Logo

Did you know Trinity Church is sending 15 people from the Next Gen Youth Ministry on a mission trip to Ensenada, Mexico? The trip is Saturday, July 26th-Friday, August 1st. You may not be going, but if you are part of Trinity Church, you’re part of a Next Gen Youth family, or you know any of these team members, you are part of our team!

Here are ways you can keep being part of the team and supporting us, even while we are away.

1) Click the link below to read our mission trip team newsletter. You’ll find an explanation of the trip, student and leader bios, and specific prayer requests.

NGY Mission Trip 2014 Support Newsletter

2) Use the prayer requests on the newsletter and any other needs God may reveal to you to pray daily for us, while we are gone and even this week before we leave.

3) Join us for our prayer and sendoff time, this Friday, July 25th at 7:30PM, in the Youth Room at Trinity Church. This time will be over by around 8:15.

4) Write a note of encouragement to the whole group or to a specific student. You can send your thoughts to

And please join us on Sunday, August 10th at 11:00AM, to hear a recap of the trip and testimonies from mission trip students.

We are excited to go, and we are excited to return and tell the rest of our church family about everything God showed us and all we experienced.

What exactly is a community?

By Samuel Lam

During a conversation last night, the question of community was brought up: What is it?

I had always believed that a good community is a gathering of people who share the same interests, that we help and look out for each other because of the common interest.

When the conversation about what it meant to support one another within a community, I started talking without thinking. But somehow, I believe God spoke to me and gave this description.


Throughout our lives, we build walls up. We are a vulnerable bunch, so we build walls up to protect our selves. We cover up our vulnerabilities. Whether it’s our baggage, our shortcomings or anything that we are embarrassed to share we build it up. And we make a strong wall. It’s that brick wall we put around ourselves that protects us from the outside and covers up who we really are inside.

But when we need support, we turn to people in our community. They get to know us. They become a part of our lives. We trust them. We know they will be there for us.