To My Inner Child, A Poem

by Michael Cheng


Forgive me, for I have sinned.
For as “the Child is father of the Man,”[1] so have I failed to honor you, my father.[2]
For you were hungry and I gave you no food;
You were thirsty and I gave you no drink;
You were naked and I did not clothe you.[3]
When the Lord called out to you, I filled your ears with the voices of Legion.[4]
When the Lord planted you in good soil, I dug you up and tossed you onto stony ground. [5]
When your heart yearned for the Lord, I bound you to the rock with lust and desire, greed and envy, sloth and despair, fear and loathing.
So you pled for death above all else. The Lord heard your blood cry out[6] and in His pity, He transformed you into a wraith.

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Are you comfortable with being uncomfortable?

By Samuel Lam

One of these things on this watch tells you the time.

Last week, Apple introduced the new Apple Watch. It’s a watch that acts like a smart phone. Except for the calling function, the watch tells time and helps keep track of many things. You can even purchase new things on the Apple Watch, including another Apple Watch. It’s totally unnecessary.

As we progress through technology and all these advances we have in the world, we start to lose a little sense of the way things were. Nobody needs this watch, but we’ve found another shortcut through life with these inventions. Some are great and have helped us improve our living. But at times, our dependency on our own natural skills has diminished.

I think that part of this is why we as a generation find it so hard to do difficult things. Or if you think about it, things seem difficult because we’ve de-sensitized our senses to things. What used to be common and natural has now become alien to us. We’ve lost our discipline because of our distractions.

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