The ‘What If’ Christmas

By Samuel Lam

What if Jesus never came to save us?

As we are in the Christmas season and we have so much to do (decoration, buying gifts) during this time of year, we often lose track of the importance and reason of Christmas. This past Sunday, we had an amazing sermon about the core foundation of Christmas. I recommend you check it out right here. It’s very powerful.

I haven’t really fully participated in Christmas as the world tells me to do so. I don’t put up decorations or even do any gift buying for others. It’s not that I am a Grinch, but I have come to realize that for the longest time, I have ignored Jesus in this whole story. Christmas was more about the eggnog and wreaths than the actual story of Jesus’ arrival. It just didn’t feel right.

Then it made me wonder: What if we did really ignore Jesus and Jesus never factored into the story. What if God never sent Jesus to save us? What if there was no salvation?

Whoa, that’s heavy.

In recent years I keep coming back to the remembrance that Jesus’ arrival is a pretty big deal. It was in fact God fulfilling the promise of a Savior. Think about it. All those years of prophets telling people of a Messiah and this was it. This was the promise God made and this was the fulfillment.

But what if Jesus never came? What if God decided that Jesus’ arrival wasn’t necessary?

It’s a scary thought but it’s worth thinking. Would this world be the same? I’d imagine the world would still be the same for the most part. Smartphones would still overtake our lives. We’d still have hybrid cars and people of Los Angeles will still be terrible at driving to clog up traffic. Nothing would be different.

So did Jesus matter?

As much as the physical world likely would remain the same, the major difference of course would be the people. I’d imagine that I’d be a much different person if Jesus never came to save us.

One of the characteristics people tell me I have an exuberance in is my happiness. I’m always trying to keep things positive and always look for the best of things. I used to not be that way but it was during a period a few years ago when things got real tough for me and I just remembered that God loves me. And by His love, He sent Jesus to save me. To save us. At that moment, my life was changed forever. All the things I worried about became small in comparison to all the good things Jesus has given me.

What about you? Can you imagine your life if God never sent Jesus to this world?

The “What If Christmas” idea has been eye-opening for me. This isn’t me telling you not to wear your Santa hats or wear an ugly sweater or get someone a gift. But I think if you take a moment to ponder the difference in your life if Jesus never came to the world, then maybe Christmas means a little different to you then.

That’s what Christmas is really about. I’m glad the “What If Christmas” never happened. Our lives would most definitely be different.

I’m glad God loves us. I’m excited God sent Jesus. I am overjoyed Jesus came to save us. I am grateful that eternal life is there for us. That’s worth celebrating. That’s Christmas.



Samuel Lam: Samuel is a Bay Area native living in Southern California working in sports media. He blogs on many topics, including sports, music, movies, travel and especially faith. Sam also runs his own personal sports blog on his free time. Check him out at: Green Eggs and Lam & But At The End Of The Day.


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