How can I worship God with my passions?

Cameron Moberg: Graffiti artist and pastor.

Take a look at at the photo above. From your first impressions, what do you see? You look at the piercings, the cap and the location of the shot and you might think that this guy is probably a skateboarder who listens to alternative rock. He likely is not the kind of guy you would see in a church, right?

Would you believe that this guy is a pastor? Would you also believe that he is a graffiti artist?

His name is Cameron Moberg but he likes to go by Camer1. I recently discovered him when I was watching the first episode of Street Art Throwdown. (I’m into these kind of shows.) When the contestants were introducing themselves, it was pretty standard. But when Cameron showed up and said that he was a pastor, it threw people off guard.

“When I say I’m a Christian, often times the artist is confused by that or the Christian is confused by the fact that I am a graffiti artist,” he said on the show. “I have always felt that I can’t be either/or. I just want to show the world it’s OK to be who you are.”

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