Changes made to parking at Trinity’s south lot on Sundays

We have some good news! We have more kids at Breakfast Club (9:30am option for children) than our facilities can handle! Praise God! What this means though is that we have to accommodate the influx of kids by re-purposing some old space.

We will not be opening the black gates that leads into our South Parking Lot from Garfield Ave. until 10:52 AM on Sunday mornings. Because we have so many kids, it is no longer safe for cars to be driving in and out of that alley near the playground where our kids are playing.

How will this affect parking?
Because there will only be one way in or out during our first service at 9:30am, we respectfully ask that if you park in the South Parking Lot to pull all the way in. This way, we can fully utilize the parking spaces we do have. Now if you want to leave before 10:52 AM we ask that you consider parking a little further away from Trinity as you may not be able to get out.

Thank you for working with us as we continue to keep our children safe!


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