What does Easter mean to Trinity Church?

The mission of Jesus Christ is fulfilled with the resurrection on Easter Sunday. Every Easter, followers of Christ celebrate this day as it is the promise of God becoming reality. It is the foundation of our faith.

Trinity is excited to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection on Easter this Sunday with everyone. It is a very meaningful day for several members of the Trinity family. We asked some of our members what Easter means to them. Here are the responses. We hope that this is as encouraging as it is for them.

Ivy C. 

Easter is the foundation of our Christian faith. Because of Jesus’ resurrection, all of us who have been adopted as children of God have been gifted with the promise everlasting life with Christ. Amen!

Chris W.

Well, for one, in the words of Bill Gaither’s song, “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.”

Fred S.

Jesus’ resurrection gives me hope. When Christ was crucified, his disciples were fearful and anxious about the future. After they saw and experienced the risen Christ, their fear and anxiety turned to joy and hope. They no longer feared the future but looked forward to it. As we see world events unfolding before our eyes and our country becoming more secular, we should not become fearful and anxious but cling to the hope we have in the risen Savior. 

Gracie W.

Easter is all about God’s love. God demonstrated his own love for us in this: “While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” The Greek word for agape — the mature form of love — means a commitment to seek the highest good of another, even when a person has characteristics you are not fond of. My joy will be found in serving and befriending others as an extension of the Lord’s love for me. Hopefully, Easter is every day for me.

Samuel L. 

Easter is the fulfillment of the promise God made to us. Jesus’ presence here on earth means absolutely nothing unless he was resurrected. His resurrection completes the mission to bring us salvation. Death is gone! The resurrected Jesus gives us new life! That’s why I celebrate. His resurrection gives me life!

Joanne F. 

The resurrection of Jesus is such a joyous event to celebrate and remember the awesomeness of God who love us so much. He would intervene in history to send down His Son to provide a way back to Him. I could never repay that debt. What a gift!!!! Thank you, Jesus, for you your gift of life! 

Johnny C. 

What does Easter mean to me? Just when you think it’s over, just when you think all hope is gone, just when you think there is nothing left but to give up — that’s when Jesus says, “I’m still here. I’m not going anywhere. Death itself can’t bring me down.” And so we carry on and overcome.

Bonnie L.

Easter always makes my heart swell!  For me, it’s about about Jesus’ blood – the cleansing and the hope!  How much more beautiful can it get?  During this fasting period, I’ve come to realize how awesome and purposeful is God’s love for such an insignificant person like me.  I’m TOTALLY NOT worthy but in His eyes, He finds me worthy to be HIS ‘wonderfully made’ daughter… =)

Cindy C. 

To me, Easter means that Jesus has overcome the grave! He has risen from the dead, and because of this, we all have NEW life offered to us. There is nothing we could do to save ourselves; HE did everything for us, because he loves us so. All we have to do is share that love and freedom with others. Easter Sunday 2011 is also when I was baptized, as a response to His sacrifice and a proclamation of my faith in Him.

Randy S.

As I prepare for our lunchtime Bible Study here at work; I am reflecting on Jesus and His Resurrection.

There is a story (and I believe a Christian song that goes with this story)…..
A man would pass by a Monastery everyday on his walk to work. He saw a monk outside one day and asked, “What do you guys do in there?” The monk responded, “Well, we fall and then; we get up.” The monk went on to explain that the Christian walk is one of falling and then repenting and then walking again.

For me, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ gives me the hope and strength I need to carry-on each day in spite of my own radical depravity. I can have hope that, through the Blood of Jesus Christ; my past, present, and future sins are covered by His conquering of death. Only by His Resurrection can I even hope to walk in the process of sanctification.

It is the most humbling feeling to crawl back to the feet of Christ Jesus each and every day and know that He will Love me and show me the error of my ways in a most gentle and just way.

Alexandra L. 

Easter to me means HE has OVERCOME. It means that i can’t and don’t have to do it on my own. That His grace is more than sufficient— everyday, every minute. I have been redeemed and can live in freedom because of HIM.

Michael C.

Before, I knew what I could not feel. Now, I feel what I cannot know.

Linda O.

What does Easter mean to me? What a loaded question! Easter means that I can have life eternal and a hope for the future. It means that I, a mere mortal can actually enter into a loving father daughter relationship with God Almighty, the Lord of all Lords and the King of all Kings. It also means that I am very precious to Him because He was willing to die for me so that I could be His daughter. How mind-blowing is that?!

George W. 

Easter for me is the most important of our Christian holidays. The death of Christ accomplishes for us what we could never do for ourselves — forgiveness of our sins. His resurrection authenticates who and what He claimed. My faith in Jesus gives me a relationship with a loving Heavenly Father which will last into eternity.

Vivian H. 

Who has the power to give up his own life and then take it up again? Easter is the most meaningful of all the celebrations of the year because it reminds me of Christ’s power over sin and death. John 11:25 states, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die.” With this in mind, I daily seek the One who is faithful to keep His promises.

Desiree W.

I love birthdays. So do all kids! That’s why when I teach kids about Easter I like to say, Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus’ birthday, but Easter is EVERYONE’S birthday! Jesus’ resurrection offers EVERYONE a chance to have a new life, to start fresh.


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