A letter of gratitude to Trinity from Joyce Wong from Donate Life California

Joyce and Eleanor celebrating a commitment of being a donor.

Two weeks ago we were blessed to have Donate Life California on campus at Monterey Park for two days to spread awareness of organ and tissue donation and to get members of our church family to be donors. Some of the information was new to many and we had a great turnout of people who wanted to sign up as donors.

Joyce Wong, who was representing the booth at church with her partner John shared this message with the church:

Firstly, thank you so much for everyone in making the above organ, tissue and eye donation drives such a great success! I witnessed miracles and gained so much precious experiences from the above events. The volunteers and I were so amazed and impressed by the kindness of the church. Especially, you really brought smile to John’s face (in the above Facebook photo). John’s one of the volunteers and he’s a liver recipient. He also lost his job because of the sickness. But he’s so happy because everyone that he met was so friendly, kind and lovely in your Church.

I had many years volunteering for bone marrow drives and some organ donation drives. The success rate’s so high in your Church. Out of all the people that I was able to ask, 97% percentage of people would love to sign up to be a organ, tissue and eye donor on Sunday services. You taught the gospel so well that really transformed people’s lives. All the church members are so lovely and put God’s love into action.

One of the great things about hearing the testimony of Joyce is to see how God is working through her and delivering miracles. She is once again grateful for our prayer and support. Check out this story about God delivering when it looked bleak.

I sent DJ Howard of AM1430 emails for three weeks but I didn’t get back the reply. I was so stressed about it. But one week before the events and with all the blessings from Church, I witnessed miracles that turned things around. DJ Howard not only gave us the announcement, but suddenly at the last moment he gave us one hour interview and then it was even extended to 2 hours interview on Friday. In that 2 hours, thousands of people got inspired. DJ Howard also planned to make a big registration event and invite all the DJs to participate in it in the future.

The power of prayer and the power of the influence of people goes a long. Joyce remains forever grateful for our support and God’s amazing work.

“Thank you so much again for all the blessings and powerful prayers of the Church!” Joyce wrote in an email. “You all inspired me that with God’s love, everything’s possible when we put our hearts into it. So keep up your wonderful God’s works! Take care and hope to see all of you soon!”

For more information, visit Donate Life California’s website here.

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