Next Gen Youth Group Goes to Mexico!


Azusa Pacific University’s Mexico Outreach 2014 Logo

Did you know Trinity Church is sending 15 people from the Next Gen Youth Ministry on a mission trip to Ensenada, Mexico? The trip is Saturday, July 26th-Friday, August 1st. You may not be going, but if you are part of Trinity Church, you’re part of a Next Gen Youth family, or you know any of these team members, you are part of our team!

Here are ways you can keep being part of the team and supporting us, even while we are away.

1) Click the link below to read our mission trip team newsletter. You’ll find an explanation of the trip, student and leader bios, and specific prayer requests.

NGY Mission Trip 2014 Support Newsletter

2) Use the prayer requests on the newsletter and any other needs God may reveal to you to pray daily for us, while we are gone and even this week before we leave.

3) Join us for our prayer and sendoff time, this Friday, July 25th at 7:30PM, in the Youth Room at Trinity Church. This time will be over by around 8:15.

4) Write a note of encouragement to the whole group or to a specific student. You can send your thoughts to

And please join us on Sunday, August 10th at 11:00AM, to hear a recap of the trip and testimonies from mission trip students.

We are excited to go, and we are excited to return and tell the rest of our church family about everything God showed us and all we experienced.

Why I Like Easter Eggs

Yesterday was Easter, and Trinity Church members came together early in the morning to try something that we hadn’t done before: We took over a corner of George E. Elder Park and held a Community Egg Hunt. For staff members and volunteers alike, it was a busy morning, but oh so fulfilling to watch kids and parents thoroughly enjoy themselves. I mean, almost any kid would love playing with bubbles and hunting for eggs filled with candy, but even the grownups got excited to see both the fire and police department there to join in the fun.  Then, gathering back together at Trinity Church for our worship celebration was the perfect way to direct our attention to the reason for the special day: Jesus is alive.


Let the egg hunt BEGIN!

After the dust settled and I was able to collect my thoughts, a few different things came to mind. First, I was thankful. I was thankful for the friends at Trinity who spent their morning helping to make this event happen. None of it would have happened without them. Second, I was humbled. Though putting together the Community Egg Hunt was no small task for the staff members, I can genuinely say for myself that all the effort I gave was the least I could do, for Jesus who gave all of himself.

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