To My Inner Child, A Poem

by Michael Cheng


Forgive me, for I have sinned.
For as “the Child is father of the Man,”[1] so have I failed to honor you, my father.[2]
For you were hungry and I gave you no food;
You were thirsty and I gave you no drink;
You were naked and I did not clothe you.[3]
When the Lord called out to you, I filled your ears with the voices of Legion.[4]
When the Lord planted you in good soil, I dug you up and tossed you onto stony ground. [5]
When your heart yearned for the Lord, I bound you to the rock with lust and desire, greed and envy, sloth and despair, fear and loathing.
So you pled for death above all else. The Lord heard your blood cry out[6] and in His pity, He transformed you into a wraith.

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On Becoming a Bona Fide Minimalist(?)

By Anh Trinh

People who sit near me during church service will know that I tend to doodle in my note book. It’s been a habit since my early days in grade school. There’s no elaborate psychological explanation to this. I simply get bored…very easily. My apologies to Pastor Albert. It’s not that the sermons are not engaging but I thrive on visual stimulus quite often. Plus, it helps me to remember the meat of the sermon. It’s basically food for my long-term memory. Below are a few pen sketches I managed to scribble up during the last couple of sermons.


As I was sketching and listening, I realized how timely the message was in accordance to our recent move. Jenny and I realized that we were in possession of a lot of “stuff” that were not essential to our lives anymore. As I was cleaning out my office area, I started to find myself throwing out things without much hesitation. That may not be a big deal to some but it is for me. I grew up with parents that really latched onto things. They are not hoarders per se but they come from a generation where things didn’t come easily to them and they deeply relished on the things that came into their possession. As a result, a lot of that behavior and mindset was passed onto to me. It took me almost 20 years to start breaking out of this mold. Continue reading

The God Who Keeps on Forgiving


“The God Who Keeps On Forgiving”

By Wilton Lee

Through the Shadows of my history,

You have attempted to bring me out of my misery.

Although I was foolish for rejecting,

You were persistent and kept on accepting.

You’ve brought me to a place called Trinity,

And now I have a new gracious Family.

You have showed me the path of righteousness,

Now it is up to me to fulfill my promise.

I know that there will be challenges,

But that is why I must manage.

I am grateful that you continued loving me,

For now you have set me Free…

This is a poem that I have personally written recently to signify my journey with god.  For those who don’t know me, I recently started my journey with God last January.  My inspiration on writing this poem was to express how much God has changed by life.  So let’s break it down.

“Through the Shadows of my history,

You have attempted to bring me out of my misery.”

Before I became a Christian, I never turned to God for guidance. I believed that everything in life was achieved solely from hard work.  Living with the “Every man for Himself” manner.  God have attempted to reach out to me multiple times throughout my life. But I refused until the day he took away everything dearest to me, thus beginning my new journey with Christ. Continue reading