An Introduction to an Epic Love Story

This is a collection of stories from a medium-sized church in Monterey Park, California.

In many ways, Trinity Church has been unremarkable. Attendance usually tops out at around 200. Programming has historically been warm and competent, though not necessarily revolutionary. You don’t find the church or her members on the local news.

But more recently she’s sat with an eye towards the horizon…

Meanwhile, plenty of nice people come through her doors every week, and if you don’t look very hard, these folks might melt into a back drop of handshakes and shy smiles. Maybe there’s a serious conversation being held in public every once in a while. But mostly, on the surface, Trinity is just good people being nice.

And it’s no act. These are good people. They’re generous with their time and resources. They’re generous with their affections too.

But being nice doesn’t mean they don’t have stories to tell. And Trinity, herself, has a story to tell. An epic story about one of the first Chinese American churches in the nation. And hundreds (thousands!) of subplots along the way. Love stories and tragedies, failures and adventure, family drama and sibling rivalry, heroic strivings and quiet comfort. Redemption and transformation.

Trinity Church, Circa 1944

Trinity Church, Circa 1944

Stories that are continuing to unfold today.

All in all, a long and beautiful tale of Trinity’s long and beautiful love affair with her God.