The Challenges of a Ministry Start-Up

Any small business owner will tell you, the start up is brutal. You work non-stop, sometimes 60-80 hour weeks, and you are every member of your support staff. You are the salesperson, you’re the marketer, the cook, the maid, the accountant, the manager, and the secretary. All those hours, all that work, all that heart and soul and hope.

But, that’s life as an entrepreneur. You do everything you can and hope that something, somewhere sticks. Someone becomes a customer, a fan. You start to build a reputation. And eventually people know you and trust you, and one day you find you’ve gone from having an extremely costly hobby to a business.

And all that heartache pays off.

I am, of course, describing the life of a typical start up. Someone opens up a coffee shop or a freelance writing service. And I’m also describing the difficult and strenuous course of the church planter.

Pranny and Larry

Pranny and her husband Larry

Pranny Xie-O’Bryan is a dear friend of our family and a regular at Trinity. She has set off into the wild west of campus ministries, taking on the daunting terrain of Cal Poly Pomona, a non-religious state school that is made up mostly of commuters (83%) who come from a wide range of ethnic, racial and cultural backgrounds.

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